3rd Annual Fall Food Drive for North Hills Food Bank

Our Thanksgiving Food Drive kicked off on 11/1/2021!

This is a short window with our final collection on 11/13/2021 at the Moon Rising convergence. Please plan to bring all of your collected items then. I will need a volunteer or two to assist with our final drop-off at North Hills Food Bank on the morning of Thursday, November 18, 2021. Remember that this is not a request solely of you! Take this opportunity to reach out to your family, friends, and neighbors to let them know what F3 Pittsburgh is all about!

Monetary donations may be given to me (cash or check made payable to North Hills Food Bank). PayPal donations may also be made directly via their website: http://northhillsfoodbank.org/donations/

Click here for a flyer that lists the items needed based on NHFB requests (with an emphasis on high-priority items).

F3 Pittsburgh 4-Year Anniversary Convergence

44-Pax converged at Pine Community Park to celebrate F3 Pittsburgh’s 4-year anniversary
  • Date: April 24, 2021
  • AO: Canada
  • Qs:
    • Warm-a-rama: Vowels
    • Group 1: LBT, Maxine, and Uncle Rico
    • Group 2: Binary, Tapout, Uncle Rico, and Whizzer
  • PAX: Kato, Daily Show, Roadie (R), Slick (R), Bam (R), Mea, Whizzer, FIAB (R), Binary, Belding, Clockwork (DR), Cena, Coach (FNG), Gemini, Runner-Up, Tapout, Sophie (FNG), Lego (2.0), Curious George (2.0), FNG 2.0, Backfdraft (R), Peep Show (FNG), Fizzle, Vanilla, Double Dutch (2.0), Cavitation, Ziggy, Knockout (2.0), Sparky (R), Air Show (R), LBT (R), Uncle Rico, Skillet (DR), OFD (DR), Abacus, Firewall, Hot Wheels, Rx (R), Mall Walker, Poly (R), Yahtzee, Puppy Chow (R), Vowels, and Maxine


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Don Quixotes x10 IC
  • Grass Grabbers x10 IC
  • SSH x20 IC


The pax were split into 2 groups, and the Qs switched groups halfway through.

  • Group 1
    • Maxine
      • 10 Dive Merkins IC
      • 10 rocking frogs IC
      • 4-way arm raises 10 each IC
      • 12 clock merkins
      • Random burpees
      • 5 side pushups each side ic
    • LBT
      • 10 Punch Punch Squats
      • 10 Toy Soldiers
      • 10 lunges
      • Then broke into 4 lines with each line running slow, guy in back doing 10 PPS then running to front. Repeated until we ran out of time.
    • Uncle Rico
      • High Knees Up/Downs
      • Pulse Jumps
      • Merkin Crawl
      • Burpee Wave
  • Group 2
    • Tapout
      • Merkins 15 IC
      • Burpees 5 OYO
      • Carolina dry docks 10 IC
      • Walkout commandos 10 OYO
      • Diamond merkins 8 IC
      • Shoulder taps 20 IC
    • Whizzer
      • 30 seconds of each exercise: low Bonnie Blair, quick toes, duck lunge.
      • F3 Trivia question- if a PAX got it wrong, 2 burpees for all. Repeat.
    • Binary
      • Big Boi medley 10 IC flat legs
      • 2 10 IC Right Leg
      • Hurricane Flutters 4 rounds 7 IC


  • Q had a positive message, we prayed for many, and Q took us out in prayer.
  • The pax had coffeeteria/breakfast then cleaned up the 4-5 mile stretch of Pearce Mill Rd.
  • The pax grilled out, enjoyed a few pops, and played some cornhole