We call our workouts, “Beatdowns” for a reason. They are boot camp-style workout sessions tailored each day by the workout lead, the Q. Do not let that scare you away as a key facet of the workouts is to push yourself. Remember, it is always you versus you.

As you grow with more and more F3 workouts under your belt, you will find that the beatdowns do not get easier; rather, you only get stronger. The Backblast is a written record of what transpired at a workout (a.k.a. beatdown). Sometimes, we even write Backblasts for other activities: QSource, fellowship event, or service activity.

Backblasts are written by the Q after each workout or event and posted directly to the AO Slack channel. Please see the PAXminer Guide to help you craft your backblasts.

Search for workout history and read backblasts below by date, Q, AO, or other keywords.

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